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Shoots & Pics

Filming started in January, 2011 at the home of Michael and Ulla Colgrass in Toronto. Still vigorous at 79, Michael embraced our intense shooting schedule and agreed to talk to us for three days straight, six hours a day.


Annabel & Neal

Interviewer Annabel Hoyt preps for an interview with producer Neal Colgrass.


Colgrass Interview

During this late-night interview, director of photography John Tran is at the controls while Annabel listens and Ulla Colgrass looks on.


Michael and Ulla discuss a chilly outdoor shot with John.


John Tran and Michael

John records Michael outside the Colgrass condo in downtown Toronto.


Michael on a Bench

Michael waits for the next shot on a nicely swept portion of bench.


In April 2011, we interviewed Leonard Slatkin after he conducted Michael's "As Quiet As" with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Here are Leonard and Michael during rehearsals:


In July 2011, we recorded Michael as he taught workshops at The Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut, with Hartt School professor Glen Adsit.

Michael Teaches

Michael shows the group, mostly band instructors, how to teach their students to compose their own music.


Michael Teaching

Glen and Michael watch participants spontaneously compose their own pieces using graphic notation.