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Michael's Memoir: Our Inspiration

Adventures CoverIn this delightful collection of anecdotes, Adventures of an American Composer, Michael Colgrass invites the reader into his private encounters with Igor Stravinsky, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Dizzy Gillespie and a host of other key figures in American music. Maverick to the core, Colgrass also writes about romancing a Cold War spy in Bucharest, composing a ballet overnight for the Joffrey Ballet, and playing a gig for a stripper that landed him a job in West Side Story. His anecdotes — often humorous and profound — describe a pivotal era in American music that shaped this Pulitzer Prize–winning composer. 
A "must read" for music lovers.

"The 89 anecdotes that make up this 222-page volume are compelling reading. This is no mere laundry list of dates, places, names and events."
—John Terauds, Toronto Star

"It is the inspiring tale of a man who has questioned his goals in life but once having chosen them, strove mightily to achieve them and succeeded brilliantly. Bravo!"
—Robert Markow, Fanfare

"This autobiography will prove to be an enormously inspiring document of one of the most talented composers of the past century." 
—Jim Lambert, Percussive Notes

"Toronto-based composer Michael Colgrass is a natural story-teller -- and he has some terrific stories to tell."
—Pamela Margles, The WholeNote

"He sought to leave 'the boring stuff out' and made sure to include encounters that were funny or thoughtful and captured pivotal moments that teach something invaluable to everyone, not just musicians." 
—Crystal Chan, La Scena Musicale

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Now available from Meredith Music Publications and Hal Leonard. ISBN: 978-1574631555. For more information, contact Michael by email.