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The Filmmaker (and Friends)

Michael Colgrass' son, Neal, is producing this film.

A videographer and writer in Toronto, Neal has already co-edited Michael's memoir, Adventures of an American Composer, and made videos to help promote the book. He also designed his father's blog, built this site and created its various videos.

Neal's background includes documentary and feature film projects on Toscanini and Colin McPhee for Rhombus Media, makers of The Red Violin and 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould. He has also written and edited for and

He has received outstanding help in shooting this hour-long documentary, from terrific directors of photography to fine interviewers and advisors. John Tran and the Hitchcock brothers, Jasper and Austin, have directed photography for our interviews. Canadian composer Alexina Louie conducted the interview with flute player Marina Piccinini for the film; Annabel Hoyt interviewed Michael over an intense 3-day period in Toronto; and Michael's wife, Ulla — herself an accomplished editor and writer — interviewed Leonard Slatkin and Andreas Haefliger at the Toronto condo she shares with Michael.

Neal owes tremendous gratitude to many other people along the way, such as Glenn Adsit at The Hartt School, Jaymee Haefner at UNT, and LA-based producer/cinematographer Greg Salman.